Compatible to ELMO Visualiser/Document Camera: ELMO MO-2/MA-1/L-12W



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  Network Standards   IEEE802.11a/b/g/n/ac 5GHz (default)2.4GHz and 5GHz cannot be used simultaneously.  
  Protocol   TCP / IP, SNMP  
  IP Address Setting   DHCP (Auto) / Manual IP Address configuration  
  Resolution   1280×720 (50/60P)
1280×720 (50/60P)
1920×1080 (24/50/60P)
3840×2160 (24/25/30P) *1
4096×2160 (24P) *1
Compatible to 720p and 1080p Progressive 60Hz
Non-compatible to 720i or 1080i Intelace
  Output   HDMI (version 1.4)  
  Power Supply   5V/1.5A (USB Type-C)  
  Power Consumption   6W (in projection) / 3W (in stand-by)  
  Operating Temparature   0~40℃  
  Weight   120g (main unit)  
  Size   97mm x 32mm x 11mm (main unit w/o HDMI connector)  
  OS Requrements   Android 4.4 or later
Chrome – all versions
iOS 10 or later, Mac OS 10.11 or later
Windows 8.1 or later

4K Ultra HD Multimedia Streaming

Stream your multimedia presentation from any mobile device or ELMO STEM-CAM in up to 4K Ultra HD resolution

Compatible ELMO document cameras / visualizers