Useful and practical extensions for our solutions – for even more flexibility and new possibilities. Be it in the classroom or in business, science and technology.

Microscope adapter for ELMO L-12 series

Show your class even the smallest details using the ELMO microscope adapter for the L-12, L-12i, L-12iD, L-12W, L-12F, L-12G, TX-1 and LX-1. The adapter is mounted onto the microscope’s ocular, allowing the camera’s optics to be attached.

Whiteboard Stage for MX-1 / MX-P / MX-P2 /MX-P3 / OX-1

The alternative to a flipchart or when there is no blackboard available.

The writing board is attached directly to a designated recess in the MX-P’s case. Easy to erase it can be used with standard dry erase markers.

Stage for ELMO L-12 - series

Helps positioning objects under the camera and comes with a white matt surface to reduce camera glare. Especially useful when handling light or transparent objects.

Microscope Attachment Lens for M-series

Compatible to ELMO Visualiser/Document Camera M series (MX-1 / MX-P / MX-P2 / MX-P3 / MA-1 /MO-2)

Carrying Case for L-12 series

Compatible to L-12i / L-12iD / L-12F / L-12W / L-12G