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Freemen’s School – England, London

Lesson Subject: Students to produce a displacement-time graph for a bouncing basketball through video capture.

How the ELMO visualiser was used? Students videoed the dropping of a ball using the ELMO visualizer with a back drop of 10 cm markings on the wall. The Ball was dropped, recorded and video made available on the school Virtual Learning Platform. At home, The students did a frame by frame analysis of the position of the ball relative to the back drop and plotted hand drawn graphs.

The benefits of the ELMO visualiser to teaching & learning: Clear modeling for the whole class to see exactly how to paint their pictures. The children were able to a complete a good quality, handprint Christmas card. It gave them the opportunity to comment about what they saw and the teacher was able to ask them what shapes and colours they could see – can they recognise the hand shape? It showed the children the paper, the equipment they would need and how to use it in a sensible way. The teacher went through the instructions step by step under the visualiser. It gave the children the opportunity to see clearly how to produce their own version. The ELMO encouraged them to follow the instructions closely, and allowed them to make their own high quality creations. It supported the children where necessary throughout the activity. Once the children have finished, they were able to see each other’s work displayed under the visualiser.

King’s College – Neuseeland, Auckland

Das Unterrichtsziel: Lichtstrahlen beobachten und messen.

Durch den Einsatz der ELMO Dokumentenkamera haben die Schülerinnen und Schülern die Möglichkeit aufmerksam dem Unterricht zu folgen und den Versuchsaufbau genau zu beobachten.

Nach dem Versuch berichten die Schüler was sie gesehen haben. Sie konnen direkt am Versuch den Einfallswinkel und die Lichtbrechung messen. Auch der kritische Winkel kann vorhergesagt und gemessen werden.