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The lesson objective: To learn Spanish in different ways.

How the visualiser was used:

My lessons have definitely been enhanced by its use in many ways. We have used it to: read books aloud, play games such as Spanish Family Feud, share items from different countries and personal pictures, complete word searches, demonstrate great classroom behavior, read online books, and watch historic videos, no need for VCR or DVD players.

During our lessons on Mexico, students brought items from Mexico such as this coin and this bracelet. We were able to share them with the class. The students loved focusing and seeing details that they have never seen before. Through the use of the Elmo, students were able to see the picture of the eagle with a serpent in its beak standing on a cactus. Students quickly made a connection to the Mexican flag and the Aztecs. Bracelet- Students noticed the detail and work completed to make this bracelet. Students made connections about children in the work force in Mexico through this bracelet.


  • 3rd graders did a fashion show and were able to view themselves on the screen while they walked down the “red carpet”
  • 2nd graders reviewed colors by viewing the color on the screen and writing the word on their whiteboards. Through the use of the Elmo, we were able to switch colors very quickly and keep the lesson enjoyable.
  • 4th Graders practiced their Spanish reading skills by reading aloud to the class. There were many volunteers for this activity! Students used the Elmo to focus on the book illustrations.
  • The Elmo was used to take pictures of students working and demonstrating Respect, Responsibility and Ready to Learn.
  • 5th graders wrote Spanish skits and presented their skits to the class. Many pictures were taken with the Elmo camera. No need to borrow the office camera. : )

PLK Fung Ching Memorial Primary School – Hong Kong

Teaching students how to write the correct Chinese character

The impact of the visualiser/document-camera on teaching and learning:

  • Instructions are given to students with greater visibility
  • Enables pupils to understand how to write Chinese characters in order.


Power optical zoom is to help the teacher show tiny texts to all of pupils. Supplied [ Text mode ] can make the texts even more visible.

Lakewood Elementary Shool – USA, Michigan

The lesson objective: To learn body parts in Spanish

How the visualiser was used: 4th graders are learning body parts. I introduced the body parts on the big screen first. Students viewed the screen and made guesses to what the parts were. Next the Elmo was used for correct spelling of the words. The students then shared with other students(they loved this part!)

3rd graders are learning clothing. Students wore different clothes and pictures were taken using the Elmo. This clothing picture was a game we played in class. Students viewed the pictures on the big screen and took turns removing pictures while eyes were closed. Students then had to guess what clothing piece was removed. The students loved this game and it would not have been possible without the Elmo.

Rouen University Higher-Normandy Teacher Training College – France

The lesson objective: Foreign Language Teaching (FLT)

Pic 1:Bill the Butcher’s glasseye (M.SCORCESE’s film) and pic2: A US quarter (enlarged)

This is the picture of a modern-day US quarter I display to student teachers during a lecture on video applications in FLT. After viewing the fight between rival gangs in the opening scenes of M. SCORCESE’s film ‘Gangs of NewYork’ and pondering over the puzzling look of Bill the Butcher, I place a quarter on the DP and zoom in on the coin. I thus place the students in the best conditions to propose explanations to the various meanings Bill’s glass eye.

Without a DP and when lecturing to a large group of students, the same result would be achieved – hopefully – only when all students have passed on the coin within the group, probably having a hasty look at both sides of the coins and missing the hint. With a DP, the operation only takes a couple of seconds and all students view the relevant item collectively as they hear the question.

Group work is significantly improved and a higher output is achieved within an unchanged period of time, comforting learners’ self-confidence in their problem-solving capacities.