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ELMO Board and ELMO Classroom App

ELMO Board and ELMO Classroom App assists you to enhance more dynamic communication and collaboration with your students. With the capability of ELMO’s interactive board and tablet/PC, you can share, annotate and review your students work effectively.

Drawing and Annotation is the key – Very responsive drawing experience. There is almost no gap between LCD and the glass of the screen that reduces parallax error thanks to direct bonding technology. ELMO Note and Overlay App assist you to annotate anything on the screen. New “Instruction Pen” is so convenient that your drawing automatically disappears in 3 seconds.

Best with ELMO Camera (Visualiser) – ELMO Camera (Visualiser) always assists you to make the best visual presentation. ELMO Board is designed to support key functions of ELMO Camera (Visualiser).

Collaboration enhanced – Pre-installed “Transcreen” supports multiple OS, such as Windows, iOS, Mac OS, Android and Chrome. ELMO Classroom App (optional) allows up to 42 tablets/PCs (Windows or iPad) to connect simultaneously with ELMO Board.