20 Jun 2023 No Comments ELMO-Admin News-en-GB

ELMO Interactive Toolbox Version 3.20, also for macOS users

The ELMO Interactive Toolbox is a popular piece of software specifically designed for use with ELMO document cameras. With the latest version 3.20 there are exciting new features and improvements that further optimize the user experience. Both Mac and PC users can enjoy the numerous benefits of this updated toolbox.

One of the most notable innovations is the expanded compatibility with different operating systems. ELMO Interactive Toolbox 3.20 now supports the latest versions of macOS for Mac users and Windows for PC users. This ensures that users can easily install and use the software on their devices regardless of the operating system used.

The updated version also offers improved content recording and editing features. Users can now capture high-quality images and videos from the document camera and edit them directly in the toolbox. Various tools are available to enhance the recorded content, such as adding annotations, markings or changing image and video settings.

In addition to the editing functions, the ELMO Interactive Toolbox 3.20 also enables seamless integration with other applications and platforms. Users can export content directly from the toolbox and use it in presentations, teaching materials or other projects. The improved integration simplifies the workflow and saves valuable time when creating and sharing content.

In addition, the ELMO Interactive Toolbox 3.20 offers a user-friendly and intuitive user interface. The updated version is designed to ensure easy navigation and operation, regardless of the user’s technical knowledge. With clear icons and a well-organized structure, users can quickly access the features they want and use the toolbox efficiently.