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Rangebank Primary School – Australia, Cranbourne Victoria

How the visualiser was used: The visualiser was used to measure and record the number of successfully completed runs made by the students running between two sets of cones. Students were then able to watch their recorded results and reflect on their technique and effort. Results were recorded electronically or on paper, then be shared with the class utilising the visualiser.

Slide 1: Students divide into groups of three and decide on a number for each e.g. 1 , 2 or 3. (Student 1 who is running first prepares to run. Student 2 organises the notebook and visualiser. Student 3 prepares to keep time with a stopwatch.)

Slide 2: Students look at photos of students demonstrating the beep test using the data projector on a wall or screen.

Slide 3: Student 1 begins to run when the stopwatch is pressed by Student 3. Student 2 is operating the notebook and visualiser.

Slide 4: Students review the data as the visualiser records the efforts of each student.