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Lakewood Elementary Shool – USA, Michigan

The lesson objective: Pitch; Melody…Pitches may be grouped to form a set, e.g., pentachord, scale, mode tone row.


  • Read/play/sing/discuss melodic patterns using the G Major Pentachord.
  • Read/play/sing “Frere Jacques” using the G Major Pentachord.
  • Read/play the accompaniment of “Frere Jacques” while singing the song.
  • Assess student knowledge and performance of the notes of the G Major Pentachord using Yamaha MIE keyboards and Elmo visualiser camera.

How the visualiser was used:

Ergebnis zum Einsatz der ELMO Dokumentenkamera: Teacher tracking melodies in G Major Pentachord while students read note names, sing solfa syllables, and air play finger numbers. The students can demonstrate the G Major Pentachord on the MIE keyboards for their classmates and track melodies in G Major Pentchord for their classmates to sing, discuss, and play. For assessment preparation, the teacher demonstrates entering answers on the keyboard. This didn’t get pictured but was a great tool for close up viewing.

The benefits of the Visualiser to teaching & learning:

  • Students are motivated to learn from the teacher so they can also be part of the teaching process by leading and tracking melodies for peers.
  • Classes of 25 students can all get a clear picture of the key positions, orchestra timbres, and enter buttons used for assessment as shown by the teacher. Later student teachers can take over this possess as a reward for achievement. They can learn and teach the process for each test.
  • The teacher can actually play the melodies with one hand while tracking the music with the other hand. Students then hear and see the melodies played by the teacher while they learn to read and play themselves.
  • Everything is beautifully clear and so easily focused.
  • The technology of picture taking and recording provides endless possibilities for sharing music achievement with community and educational sources.