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Siegtal Gymnasium – Germany

The ELMO Visualiser P30 was tested in Chemistry lessons. It was used during a period of practical exercise in a 12th grade standard level Chemistry course in which the pupils solved individualized tasks that they presented to their classmates by means of a camera.

In a 10th grade class there followed a self-study phase lasting several hours in which the pupils prepared their own process and result portfolios. Subsequently, there was a discussion of key curricular content based on selected copies, again using the camera system.

In the standard level Chemistry course using the camera “only” gained some time compared to the customary methods (blackboard, OHP) that are used when routine exercises are presented.

I particularly noticed added pedagogical value in the 10th grade. Therefore, in the final discussion I quite deliberately showed overhead transparencies that I had not prepared, but when viewing the pupils’ portfolios I specifically selected copies highlighting key aspects. The attention and involvement of the pupils were noticeably higher, as henceforth they could learn from materials they had prepared themselves. In this way the respective authors received recognition from the entire study group. Any corrections or additions that became necessary could be inserted straight into the work.

Mahdavi Educational Complex – Iran

Mahdavi Educational Complex is a K-12 established, which was founded in 1989 as a holistic and multilingual education open to all Iranian girls, from pre-school to pre-university. Mahdavi community has also grown during those years and gathers today around 1400 students and 250 faculty and staff.

The images are from Biology lab demonstrating details of leaves, body functions, heart functions. An image is from a chemistry class, where there the Periodic Table is being discussed.