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New: ELMO L-12G – the document camera for today’s schools

With the introduction of the L-12G document camera, ELMO has achieved an impressive advancement in its product range. As the successor to the popular L-12id, L-12W and L-12F models, the L-12G offers a host of new features and improvements that make it the ideal tool for schools and classrooms.

The L-12G is both robust and stable, which makes it particularly suitable for use in educational environments. It was developed to withstand the demands of everyday school work and is still handy and easy to use.

A standout feature of the L-12G is 4K output via HDMI and USB. This enables a razor-sharp display of documents, images and objects on external screens or projection surfaces. The high resolution ensures impressive visual quality and detail.

The L-12G has an impressive zoom with a magnification of 192x. The 12x optical zoom combined with the 16x digital zoom enables users to capture details clearly, even from long distances.

With the annotation app that comes with the ELMO Interactive Toolbox, users can annotate and markup their presentations and documents right on the L-12G’s screen. This encourages interaction and allows teachers to make lessons more dynamic and engaging.

The L-12G offers an adjustable arm and a flexible camera head to adjust the optimal shooting area and present different objects and materials from different angles. This ensures maximum flexibility and makes it easier to show and share content.

Other useful features of the L-12G include the pass-through (HDMI/RGB) option for connecting to other devices and HDMI-to-USB conversion, allowing for a seamless connection to a computer or interactive whiteboard.

In addition, the L-12G supports wireless connections via Miracast, which facilitates the wireless transmission of content from compatible devices.

With all these powerful features, the ELMO L-12G document camera sets new standards for use in schools and classroom environments. It offers enhanced image quality, flexibility, and ease of use to provide teachers and students with an effective and interactive learning experience.