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ELMO unveils Newest Concepts at BETT 2019

The booth number is D121.

ELMO has been doing its best to help teachers and educators improve the quality of their classes by manufacturing and marketing products and solutions for the education industry since 1921.

At BETT 2019, ELMO will be showcasing the following new concepts, as well as the current line-up, under the slogan “See, Understand, Enjoy!”

Best Visualiser for STEM

“STEM” – Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics – is one of the fastest growing concepts in the education industry.

ELMO, as a worldwide leading manufacturer of visualisers, will present the newest prototype visiualiser designed for STEM, operated by Android OS with a built-in LCD display, and demonstrate how it will work effectively in a STEM class, together with the “Scottie Go!” application (https://scottiego.com/en/), provided by our demo partner BeCREO.

Integrated Classroom Solution with Interactive Whiteboard, Tablets and Visualiser

Tablets are establishing themselves in the classroom as one of the most effective comprehension enhancing devices for pupils. ELMO, who have years of extensive experience in the field of education, will be demonstrating how to effectively utilise the Interactive Whiteboard, Tablets and Visualiser to captivate pupils and enhance their comprehension.

This will be a guide, not just for teachers who are considering employing tablets in the future, but also for those who already use tablets in practice.

Super Simple but Effective Visualiser for PC

Nowadays many teachers and educators use PCs as a presentation tool, and they are always looking for something special to improve the quality of their presentations to captivate their audiences. ELMO will present a super simple but effective visualiser for those customers.

This model is also effective for remote lectures and e-learning, that are becoming more and more common in the industry.

Collaboration with Rocket Fund (https://rocket.fund/)

ELMO is happy to be co-exhibiting with Rocket Fund at Bett 2019. Rocket Fund is a free crowdfunding platform for schools. In the last two years, Rocket Fund has supported over 300 schools, helping them raise over £215,000 and provide more than 65,000 students across the UK with access to technology.

We have the same desire to contribute to education. Rocket Fund will explain how their crowdfunding platform works and how it helps schools, using an ELMO Visualiser project as an example.