• CRA-1 Tablet
Das ELMO CR1 2 ist eine neue innovative Lösung für die modernen Unterricht an Schulen und Bildungseinrichtungen. Er ist die optimale Ergänzung zu kabbellosen (WLAN) Lösungen und integriert sich auch in Whiteboard / Digitalen Tafel - Umgebungen. Natürlich ist er auch kompatibel zu allen ELMO Dokumentenkameras wie dem L-12id


Interactive all-rounder


  Control your visualiser from anywhere in the room

  Edit and mark live & still images

  Up to 16h operation with Li-battery

  Replaces the mouse when working with PC

  2 years warranty

The ELMO CRA-1 tablet - the alternative to the whiteboard and digital tablet



Spaß beim Verstehen

New ways of editing

Using the CRA-1 tablet you can wirelessly mark and annotate directly onto live images of an ELMO visualiser. Furthermore, you can control the visualizer and use presentations tools like the highlight or mask function from the wireless tablet from up to 10m away. Connected to a computer the CRA-1 can also replace your mouse. You can use your PC from any position in the classroom. With the CRA-1 tablet you direct the attention of your audience towards the discussed topic from anywhere in the room.

There are 2 ways, to use the CRA-1 tablet

Directly with the ELMO

Directly with the ELMO
  • Without PC you write and draw directly onto ELMO’s live images on a smart screen or IWB
  • Immediately ready to use – no installation
  • Best for annotations on 3D objects
  • Whiteboard mode
  • Comfortable control of all important ELMO functions
  • The ability to use creative curriculum content

In Combination with a PC

In Combination with a PC
  • The CRA-1 tablet works as a wireless mouse. Control your PC from anywhere in the classroom
  • The ELMO software EIT allows annotations onto live images and various other backgrounds
  • Versatile additional functions like adding pictures and notes, recording and annotating videos and much more!


ELMO CRA-1 Tablet in 360° view


ELMO CRA-1 for modern learning and instead of whiteboard or digital blackboard


ELMO CRA-1 key facts

Reading range: 203,3 x 127,0 mm
Pen pressure level:  1024 level
Compatibility    without PC – all ELMO visualisers with a USB port,
with PC: all ELMO visualisers, Windows XP SP2 (32 bit) or higher,
Mac OS X 10.6.2 or higher Weight: 670g incl. pen,
USB dongle and battery
Weight: 670 g incl. Pen, radio adapter and rechargeable battery

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